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Our platform has everything you need for a social trading system: Social Network Service combined with copy trading, community for traders, transparent real-time data-feed of all users in the social trading network, etc. Equipped with powerful features, it allows you to attract more new traders and master traders as well.

Follow/Copy function

Allow customers chasing the successful traders and copy their trades. More trades are copied, more profit the broker gets.


Provide a community that encourages customers to share information on their own network and refer their friends.

Achievement system

Achievement is issued for various activities such as trading, posting at the community, and inviting friends, and users’ satisfaction can be enhanced and communication can also be activated.

Depth statistic of trader

Show the performances of successful traders in depth so customers can make decision to copy/follow them or not.

Invitation Bonus & Cash back

Help the broker to create various interesting promotions and trading conditions to attract more potiential customers.

Advanced features

Compliant with multi-language, messaging feature, HTML5 compatible, smartphone compatible and more.

How Social Trading

help you making money?

This is all about the community

All you have to focus is building a wide and dynamic community for traders. Therefore they can communicate, discuss, refer then decide to place orders. Our social trading solution includes all features to ensure the communicating always work normally.

Profit will increase over the time

The longer you run your community, the more traders get in, be encouraged by older traders and start trading. With social trading, new beginners can start to trade quickly by following and copying trades of masters. That will lead to increase your profit over the time.

we experience ourself

before providing it for you

We have 2 years staying in social trading subject and get more than 3,000,000 trades opened on our website. That's the best evidence one provider can show to a broker. What do you confuse? Please access our website www.natureforex.com and show how everything is worked in reality.

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