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"jTrade can be considered as the benchmark for forex trading platforms with the latest technology. Based on HTML5/CSS3, the front-end website provides a speedy rate distribution and a user interface which allows trader to execute their trades conveniently and instantly. In addition, with our comprehensive back-end, managing your customer relationships has never been easier.

Fast entry & execution

Timing is important. jTrade can execute more than 20,000 orders in one second with an incredible accuracy.

Create on demand

Giving customer short term invesment (1min) or long term (20 min) according to their demand.

Various order types

According to your market or your customer's behaviour, we provide a full range of order types that MT4 doesn't have. For instance, OCO order, IFD order & IFO order are already integrated to our platform.

Smart risk management

jTrade owns a dealing web system that allows you to manage risk in real-time across currencies pairs. It intened for controlling setting of groups, financial instrument, spread, auto rate, hedge mode and various other regular settings of dealer.


No need to download or install anything. jTrade is a web-based platform allows customer can trade anywhere, anytime. In addition, jTrade is compliant with various internet browsers.

Back-end system

TAllow the broker to access and manage all trading data of customer. We also create an intelligent mechanism to clasify data according to customer's status, region, trading/deposit/withdraw history... that can be export to different reports.

what are different?

jTrade & MT4

As you can see, jTrade has all advantages & benefits that MT4 has. More than that, we can tailor jTrade according to your needs with a very competitive price. We also provide 24/7 support service to ensure that everything is worked well.Your work is only focusing on how to reach to your goal.

what are different?

Story of jTrade development

On 25th April 2015, we were proud to publish jTrade to our existing customer & take back many many many possitive testimonials from them.

That's become our motivation to keep continue improving jTrade and make it becoming the benchmark of forex trading platform with the latest technologies in over the world. We strongly believe that jTrade is an excellent solution that can compete to MT4 and other platforms

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