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Including 4 types in 1 platform, our binary options system enables to provide the best trading experience ever for your clients. With the intuitive design and simple guide, it encourages them to deposit and trade easily and enjoyable on your website.

Ladder setting

Let the broker increase or decrease buy/sell price for customers comparing to market price.

Term setting

Giving customer short term invesment (1min) or long term (20 min) according to their demand.

HTML5 Webstrader

Better graphic design and fast loading website for customers when trading on platform of the broker.

Compatible with various assets

More choices for customers, more opportunities for the broker.

Real-time risks management

Let the broker know the effect before and after changing setting, and control risks in real time.

Various reporting outputs

The broker can acquire all information of order/execution for the purpose of risks management and customers' behaviour research.

All options in 1 platform

All types of Binary Options: High/Low, Choice 6, Range In/Out, Ladder are included in our platform that can fit all customers' needs.

Compatible with multiple languages

Attract more customers from other countries and improve their experience when trading with the broker.

Order management

Provide powerful tools for the broker to execute the orders of their customers quickly and easily.

Solution Features

Customer Experience

Quick & Right Investment

No long waiting, no inconvenience & harassment when placing the order within a few simple steps.

Better performance

Have an eye-catching & clean interface with various functions bringing the best performance when trading.

Trading history

Every execution is logged into trading history system and can be accessed for reporting or exporting easily.

Control risk and make revenue

Make revenue with Binary Options

After all, Binary Options has been known as an easy and fast investing method that makes profit for both traders and the broker. Saying that we provide the turnkey solutions for you, you don't have to worry about anything except spending your efforts, time and money for a right purpose: making profit efficiently.

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